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"I have been taking Relora for about a year and a half. Initially, I started taking it to deal with the stress of a failing marriage and a new job that was demanding and all-consuming. Relora stopped me from feeling crazy and enabled me to remain calm and level-headed enough to handle everything. Since the marriage ended, I have continued to take Relora to manage my food cravings and keep my stress levels to a minimum. With a hectic, busy life, Relora prevents me from feeling overwhelmed and stops my mind from racing 24/7. I am able to maintain a high level of effectiveness and productivity. Relora never makes me feel groggy or drugged. Having read many scientific studies on Relora and the way stress affects the body, I feel very confident taking Relora and constantly recommend it to my friends and family."


"As a thyroid and metabolism specialist, I have helped hundreds of patients successfully lose weight by following my high-protein, low-glycemic, adapted Mediterranean diet. In conjunction with the diet, I have recommended antioxidants as well as Relora. I have had an extensive experience with Relora for the past 7-8 years. I found Relora quite effective in reducing stress-related eating and in enhancing the success of my diet. It has been my practice to not recommend too many herbal supplements for weight loss because of the unknown and potential adverse effects affects, but I feel quite comfortable recommending this wonderful ingredient. In fact, Relora is one of the main ingredients of the weight loss supplement that I designed a few years ago (Body Slim Mediterranean). Relora relaxes you and promotes good quality sleep, which is an important component of weight loss management."

-Ridha Arem, M.D.M
Author of The Thyroid Solution and the bestseller, The Protein Boost Diet

"I started taking Nexrutine about 2 months ago for chronic back issues and it's a wonder! I have my life back!! I'm sure you hear all of the great stories about the product. When I purchased the first bottle, I wasn't expecting much. I didn't believe there was something on the market that could match Vioxx and Celebrex without the drawbacks. So, I was amazed at the results. I'm almost 70 years old and very active, and my back problem flare-ups no longer put me on the couch or force me to walk with a cane."


"Stress is sometimes unavoidable. I put a lot of supplements in [The Hormone Diet] book that help reduce stress. My favorite is Relora."

-Dr. Turner

"I must add I love Relora. It one of the most valuable and unknown supplements on the market. I use it for cortisol reduction. Whenever I use it, I always lose some fat around the mid-section and I get positive compliments on my look. Little do they know I've been using Relora. I have my girlfriend using it now. Thanks for creating an awesome and inexpensive product."


"After my second bout with breast cancer, I began to suffer from severe anxiety. I’d wake up in the morning & be anxious almost from the moment that I woke up. I’d try to fight through it, but after a while I gave in & started taking Xanax. I took it every day & in the evening to go to sleep. After some time, I was able to go off Xanax & then I’d go back on because I’d start to suffer from the anxiety again. I stopped taking Xanax one evening & started taking Relora the next morning. I anticipated days of anxiety before the Relora would kick in, if it ever would. But it began to work immediately. I thought for sure that it was a placebo effect. But when the placebo effect did not wear off & I had no more anxiety & I was sleeping like a baby, I knew that it had to be the Relora. It completely stopped my anxiety attacks. It turned off whatever switch had been turned on in my brain. I stopped taking Relora & the anxiety never came back."


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